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A cloud readiness assessment provides a company with the clarity of vision and concrete steps it needs to take in order to successfully adopt cloud computing. As companies are increasingly seeking out cloud computing's agility and elasticity, a formal organizational review and cloud migration assessment serves an invaluable function.


What is stopping you making the most of cloud?

Understanding what workloads and services to move and when
I'm not sure how and when to move apps, workloads and the underpinning infrastructure to the cloud. There are a lot of variables involved.
Difficulty sourcing cloud skills
We have an in-house IT team without a specialist cloud expertise and resource which can create regulatory, compliance, technical, business and security risks.
Choosing the cloud for the right application
The choice of a cloud service provider for an application or function is not always clear-cut. There is a lack of clarity on how to simplify and optimize an enterprise's IT infrastructure.
The cost of maintaining complex legacy infrastructures
Today's IT infrastructures are a complex blend of on-premises and cloud services that can be expensive to manage and maintain and have high levels of technical complexity.

What is the cloud readiness assessment?

Fortycloud helps you evaluate your current IT and cloud readiness. Our cloud readiness assessment service focuses on guiding you towards technology modernization, rationalization, remediation, and migration to the cloud. By helping you establish a cloud adoption maturity baseline, we can help identify the potential scope of changes needed to take your current application portfolio and technology landscape into the cloud.

Delivers a cloud computing migration plan that aligns your IT with your specific business requirements.

Helps you choose the workloads that are best suited for the cloud, enabling you to get the most benefit from your investments in it.

Helps you to overcome the challenges of cloud migration by developing a roadmap that provides clear goals and a step-by-step approach.

Cloud Readiness Assessment Tools

There are different tools available to help you assess your cloud readiness, but they're not all equal. Organizations want application-centric cloud assessment tools, but so far the industry has provided server and infrastructure assessment tools, which tend to be too technical for business users. Cloud-native transformations are increasingly sought after, so you should make sure that your tool will help you transform your application portfolio now and in the future.


Solve the most difficult cloud questions


Your digital transformation project, large application estate and multiple clouds can make your business’s cloud journey hard. Our experts will help you get there.

A cloud readiness assessment is a comprehensive review of your organization’s current IT infrastructure, applications and processes. It is designed to evaluate your business needs and determine whether the cloud is a good fit for your company.

The purpose of a cloud readiness assessment is to:

  • Identify all relevant issues that need to be addressed before moving into the cloud
  • Evaluate data security policies in place at your organization
  • Provide recommendations on how best to begin transitioning into the cloud

The cost of cloud readiness assessment depends on a number of factors, including the size and complexity of your business, the number of people involved in the project, and the duration of time needed to complete it.

The Cloud Readiness Assessment helps you evaluate your organization’s readiness for the cloud and identify the challenges and gaps in your organization’s cloud readiness. The tool then helps you develop a plan to overcome the gaps and challenges identified.

The assessment includes:

  • A review of current IT infrastructure, including network, servers, storage and software systems.
  • An analysis of existing staff skill sets to determine if they have the necessary skill sets needed to support a move to the cloud infrastructure (e.g., networking).
  • Suggestions on how to address any shortcomings identified (e.g., hiring staff with appropriate skill sets).

The Cloud Readiness Assessment is a comprehensive tool that helps you evaluate the readiness of your organization to move to the cloud. It also gives you a roadmap for how to improve your current situation.

The assessment can help in several ways:

  • Using the results of the Cloud Readiness Assessment, IT departments can identify areas of improvement that will help them become more efficient and better serve their organizations.
  • Businesses can use it as a way to determine which cloud solutions would be most beneficial for their business needs and goals, especially when planning an infrastructure overhaul or new project launch.
  • Employees will also benefit from this assessment because they’ll have access to better tools than before—tools that are able to adapt quickly as technology changes over time (such as artificial intelligence).

Cloud Readiness Assessment is a simple, yet effective tool that helps companies to determine if they are ready for the cloud. It helps you to understand the benefits of cloud computing and how to get started.

Cloud readiness assessment is based on an assessment framework which uses a set of questions that can be used by organizations as part of their decision-making process regarding cloud adoption. The assessment evaluates an organization’s current capabilities and readiness for a specific cloud service model (i.e., Infrastructure as a Service [IaaS], Platform as a Service [PaaS], Software as a Service [SaaS]), or hybrid model (i.e., private/public).

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment is not only limited to your company’s IT department but also includes all other departments like finance or legal teams must be involved in such assessments so that they become familiarized with the concepts related to this new way of working before they actually start using it in their day-to-day operations

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