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Trustworthy AWS Cloud Migration Services for Businesses

Managed cloud hosting can help businesses easily and cost-effectively meet today's constantly shifting demand. When moving to the cloud, it is best to do so with the help of a trusted managed service provider (MSP) that offers 24/7 support, flexible pricing options, and a range of robust security features.

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The Journey to AWS Cloud Migration

Start your cloud migration journey with Fortycloud. As longtime AWS partners with experience in migrating databases and applications to the cloud, we can help you make the transition to AWS smoothly and efficiently. Our company is the best AWS Cloud Migration Service Provider in the industry. Fortycloud migration experts have many years of experience working with large-scale data sets and servers, so we know how to get your data migrated quickly and securely. We'll oversee the automation process for you, schedule regular backups, integrate systems with existing software, set up processes for standard backup and recovery, and more.

Benefits of Migrating to AWS


  • You can fast and effectively scale up or down
  • You don’t have to buy or maintain hardware
  • Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing


  • Align your needs with your budget
  • Effective compute power utilization
  • Business approach transformation


  • Choose the right size competing your business
  • Get rid of waste and excess spending
  • Get all the essential data and visualization


  • Always stay updated
  • Innovate quickly
  • Increased reliability

Cloud Migrations Done Right

If you're looking to migrate your existing ERP environment, implement a new one, or partner with a fully managed service provider to run your ERP environment in AWS, Fortycloud can help. Fortycloud can effectively leverage the scale and flexibility of AWS while providing your business with a secure and highly available infrastructure solution. Our expertise in complex migrations will help de-risk your migration and increase your rate of innovation. We'll unlock the business value of your data, resulting in better decision making, which increases employee productivity, saving time and money.

Our AWS Migration Services

Infrastructure Migration
Our AWS experts will analyze your existing cloud or on-prem infrastructure and build an optimized AWS cloud infrastructure, that becomes the foundation for scalability, security and availability.
Application Migration
Our application migration services include a host of services which comprises lift and shift of an application from On-prem to cloud to modernization of applications to make it cloud ready. We follow the best practices of 7Rs for your cloud migration and modernization journey.
Database Migration
We provide professional services to migrate on-prem databases to the AWS cloud infrastructure securely. We offer both heterogeneous and homogeneous migration services between different platforms.

AWS Cloud Migration Services are a set of tools that help you move your workloads to the cloud.

The AWS Cloud Migration services include:

  • AWS Snowball Edge, which takes data from on-premises devices and delivers it to Amazon S3 or Amazon Glacier.
  • AWS Snowmobile, which transfers large amounts of data from one location to another via a specially modified tractor-trailer truck with 42 petabytes (PB) of storage capacity. It’s ideal for moving large quantities of unstructured data like video files or backup archives between locations at high speeds and cost savings compared to other options like transporting by truck or shipping via FedEx/UPS parcel delivery services.
  • AWS Snowball — an appliance that acts as an ingestor for migrating workloads from on-premises equipment into the cloud, especially useful when migrating from legacy systems such as mainframes, minicomputers and Unix servers

The cost of AWS Cloud Migration Services depends on the size of your business. Pricing is based on the number of servers, databases and other applications you have. For example, if you have a small database and a few applications running on one server, the cost per month could be as low as $100.

If you’re looking to migrate multiple larger workloads, such as high-traffic websites or mobile applications with millions of users, then this could run into hundreds of thousands or even millions per month (depending on usage).

AWS Cloud Migration Services are charged per hour at a minimum of $0.05/hour[^minimum].

If you’re looking to migrate your applications and data from your infrastructure or platform to the cloud, then AWS Cloud Migration Services is for you.

With these services, we can migrate all or part of your business workloads to one or more public clouds, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), IBM Cloud Platform, VMware vCloud Air and SoftLayer.

Additionally, if you need help with migrating applications and data between different cloud providers—for example, moving resources from AWS to Microsoft Azure—our experts can help. We also have experience in migrating on-premises systems into the cloud as well as converting old world applications into modern architectures so they are fully compatible with new technologies like containers and serverless computing platforms like Lambda@Edge by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The time it takes to migrate your business to AWS depends on the size of your project. However, you can count on AWS Cloud Migration Services to help you move to AWS in as little as two weeks.

When migrating from an existing infrastructure to the cloud, there’s no need for downtime or disruption of service. You can migrate resources one at a time or all at once. This makes it easy for companies with big workloads such as e-commerce sites or SaaS applications that need low latency and consistent performance during peak hours

  • You get a one-stop shop for all your cloud migration needs
  • Timely completion of the migration process
  • Smooth transition from your current environment to AWS Cloud Migration Services
  • A dedicated team of experts to help you with the migration

There are many reasons to use AWS Cloud Migration Services. You can move to the cloud without having to make a big investment of time and money. It is also cost effective, as you don’t have to invest in hiring or training employees on how to use the migration tool. Moreover, you will save time as well as money by using AWS Cloud Migration Services.

You can also speed up your migration process and get help from AWS experts when needed by using this service. With these services, your project managers will be able to focus on other tasks instead of worrying about managing their own migrations or monitoring them remotely by themselves!

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