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7 Best Cleaning Business Software Solutions for 2022

7 Best Cleaning Business Software Solutions for 2022

The best cleaning business software solutions maximize operational efficiency. They work so you can spend less time on non-billable hours.

A cleaning business software replaces paper for administrative work orders and invoicing. Moreover, they help you make strategic business decisions with a safe and organized record of customer history.

Most importantly, you can dispatch your cleaners through the mobile app. And they’ll be fully aware of the work order within and around different cities. 

Below is a list of the seven best service management software to run the business while you sweep, dust, and clean. 

Top 7 Cleaning Business Software To Use On-and-Off The Field 

Most process management tools will likely meet your needs. But we limited this list to feature field service management software with useful cleaning business features and a cost-efficient price plan.  

1. Fieldd – Best Cleaning Business Software

Fieldd is an all-in-one field service program with features your administration, cleaners, and clients can benefit from. 

Why We Chose It 

Fieldd is the perfect software for a cleaning business undergoing a digital transformation or switching for improved functionality. Firstly, it has a clean user interface that anyone with little to zero tech experience can work on. 

Secondly, it offers essential functions like work order scheduling, CRM, inventory management, and invoicing. Finally, Fieldd’s easily customizable booking portal makes it unique for a cleaning business. 

They are arguably the most supportive customer service team in the service software business. Clients talk of prompt response times and interventions. Fieldd also cleans up bugs with regular updates – a staple of a good tool – before they disturb your daily operation. 

Ultimately, Fieldd not only tells (about its features) but shows you the entire experience. So, for example, you can see how service businesses implement the tool for their day-to-day use of their Demo Client App.


  • Start-Up (1-5 users): Starts at $49 monthly 
  • Growth (5-10 users): Starts at 149 monthly 
  • Scale (Unlimited users): Starts at $249 monthly
  • Enterprise (Unlimited users and jobs): Custom quote

Who Should Use It

Fieldd is the perfect software for a cleaning business undergoing a digital transformation or switching for improved functionality.


Despite its user-friendly interface, users may need to go through a learning curve.

2. Jobber – Runner Up

Jobber is a neat service industry software that handles scheduling and dispatching all types of cleaning businesses at a competitive price. 

Pricing (Billed Annually)

  • Core: Starts at $39 monthly 
  • Connect (1-7 users): Starts at $119 monthly 
  • Grow (1-30 users): Starts at $@39 monthly 

Why We Chose It 

We selected Jobber as the best budget cleaning service software because it handles almost every aspect but is relatively cheaper for a one-person startup. 

Jobber handles your scheduling, quotes and invoices, and also tracks time on the job. Your cleaners across cities can stay informed on the time and details of assigned jobs. The only gripe is that it records “Visits” and “Jobs” as separate entries. 

And it battles client cancellations by sending automated reminders at scheduled times before an appointment. 

Jobber also connects your system to popular business solutions like Stripe, QuickBooks, Google, NiceJob, and MailChimp. It even doubles as a customer relationship CRM platform that keeps every client record, from invoices and appointments to complaints. You can also use Jobber for payroll management.   

Who Should Use It

Jobber is a perfect tool for a sole proprietor determined to scale within a few months but wants to operate on the lowest budget.


Jobber doesn’t fare well in employee management. It has no features for time tracking and HR functions like leave tracking or time off requests.

3. Housecall Pro – Best for Home Cleaning Businesses

Housecall Pro is a field service tool with features for scheduling, invoicing, dispatching, auto-email response, and payment collection. 


  • Basic: Starts at $49 monthly 
  • Essentials (1-5 users): Starts at $129 monthly 
  • Max (100+ users): Custom quote 

Why We Chose It 

We loved the ease of use of the Housecall Pro interface. Its drag-and-drop scheduling is particularly a delight. And, of course, it saves you hours fumbling on a report with little or no coding knowledge. 

And they have a stellar customer support team. Housecall Pro service representatives pick up calls fast and understand customer situations – as customer service should! 

It’s an excellent alternative for Fieldd and Jobber if you need features like file storage or QuickBooks integration. 

Who Should Use It

It’s an all-in-one app in the big 3 of cleaning business software (CBS) you can choose from (Fieldd and Jobber). An established or actively growing company ready to handle all aspects of its operation.  


HouseCall Pro sounds like the perfect name for a CBS but superficially limits the depth of its features. It’s a powerful CRM tool that can handle not only house cleaning, but also commercial business operations in any industry. But, aside from that, it’s a great tool!

4. mHelpDesk – Best Premium Software

mHelpDesk is a general invoicing, scheduling, and time-tracking provider with hundreds of accomplished staff and over 5,000 customers.


Starts at $149 monthly. 

Why We Chose It 

Like most CBM software, mHelpDesk has a spectacular invoicing system. Or maybe money makes the world go around. We love mHelpDesk because it organizes invoices by jobs and signifies overdue ones, putting you on top of your business’s cash flow. 

mHelpDesk also organizes schedules and job allocations of your cleaners in easy-to-read “jobs” records. 

With its impressive integration lineup, you can plug into any productivity or marketing app you use. It integrates with accounting systems like QuickBooks, Google Workspace, HomeAdvisor, WordPress, and more.

mHelpDesk also has a top-notch customer service team that is knowledgeable and responsive. They are eager to take calls, provide information about the system’s features and offer during operation. mHelpDesk implements custom solutions to your app if you or your team members encounter troubles. 

Finally, you can rest assured your cleaners stay up to date using the mobile app. mHelpDesk has a reliable and simple mobile app for android and iOS.  

Who Should Use It 

mHelpDesk is a premium service business software suitable for a cleaning business owner who wants as many vital integrations as possible.  


Some customers have complained of the software occasionally running slow. And they don’t have the most responsive and interactive customer service, especially since you have to contact them for a custom quote.

5. Service Fusion – Best for Commercial Cleaning Business

Service Fusion is reputable field service management software with over 6,000 trusted service contractors. It offers the top three (scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing) features that cleaning businesses need to shine at a premium. 

Pricing (Billed Annually)

  • Starter costs $126 monthly  
  • Plus costs $186 monthly
  • Pro costs $339 monthly

*All plans cover unlimited users but offer varying features. 

Why We Chose It 

Service Fusion is a powerful software with over one hundred features and supportive customer support to boot. But the dashboard has a neat layout that isn’t overwhelming even for a tech newbie. In addition, Fusion walks you through a search engine to find the features you need. 

Service Fusion’s immersive mobile app is more robust than most reputable field service software. It offers instant communication (voice and text) and interactive maps, but it can clock your cleaners in and out and automatically bill clients.  

It also works as a branding tool to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty for your cleaning business. It sends professionally-written automated messages and reminders to your customers, so they never miss service appointments again. If they do miss, another automated reminder can schedule a re-schedule. 

Who Should Use It

Large cleaning companies with over a dozen employees will find Service Fusion’s pricey but unlimited user packages cost-effective.


Great app overall. But you’re either enthralled by its design or getting your money’s worth from its features to make it worth the subscription. Otherwise, it’s relatively pricey, considering the options. 

6. Intuit Field Service Management – Alternative Premium Software

The Intuit Field Service Management software for QuickBooks improves work orders, scheduling, and intuitive invoicing to reduce non-billable hours. And, of course, it integrates seamlessly with QuickBook.   


  • Gold: Starts at $199 monthly 
  • Platinum: Starts at $232 monthly
  • Diamond: Starts at $404 monthly

Why We Chose It 

Intuit Field Service software’s “bells” and “whistles” aren’t surprising since Intuit also developed the Quickbooks app. Speaking of which, Intuit’s invoicing is effortless because it syncs directly with Quickbooks, so you hardly have to learn the ropes. 

Intuit Field Service’s work order is simple. It displays your work order and shows customer information, and addresses neatly stacked in columns to see an overview of your business. 

The same goes for your field agents using the mobile app. Again, it cuts down the time you use to explain projects with the detailed information available to them, including customer contact, job priority, and even promised arrival time.

Safe to say, if you religiously use the Intuit Field Service, you’ll meet up with more orders and cut missed deadlines. And since it synchronizes with Quickbooks, you don’t need a learning curve to maintain your finances with a new app.

Finally, Intuit has the Bread Crumbs feature that tracks where your technicians have been to. But also a Maps feature could show your cleaners faster routes to customers. 

Who Should Use It  

Intuit Field Service Management is useful for cleaning businesses that want software for work orders, invoicing, and dispatching. But it’s great for old Quickbooks customers that enjoy their services. 


You can only have a maximum of 40 simultaneous users on Intuit by QuickBooks. 

7. NiceJob – Best For Customer Reviews

Reviews are the bread and butter for modern businesses. Marketing is easy when reviews address the customer’s pain points and benefits. Genuine and articulated customer reviews convert leads while you’re asleep. And NiceJob is a specialty tool for collecting reviews hassle-free.


  • Starts from $75 a month for 1-2,500 customers
  • Starts from $95 a month for 2500+
  • Starts from $145 a month for 5000+ customers 
  • Starts from $250 monthly for 10,000+ customers

Why We Chose It 

NiceJob does a “nice job” of helping you request reviews from clients and have an opportunity to transform them into success stories. It sends scheduled and automated review requests and reminders. 

Furthermore, it has an integration feature with Jobber, which synchronizes with your existing customer list. Jobber is a field service software for job scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing. 

It makes more sense if you convert new clients without them bombarding you with questions and calming their hesitation to buy after reading your reviews. NiceJob actually assures this with a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work. 

The entry-level packages are free for 14 days. After that, niceJob guarantees you’ll get more clients on their Convert and Bundle packages; otherwise, you’ll get your money back.

Who Should Use It

If you’ve not started collecting customer reviews or want to automate the process, NiceJob gets the job done. 


It’s hard to see a disadvantage to this software, except small cleaning businesses would think twice before spending $75 monthly on customer reviews. 

How To Choose A One-Size Management Software For Your Cleaning Business

Cleaning businesses are classified under field services and run by field service management software. They’re built to handle the administration of residential, carpet, house, janitorial or industrial cleaning businesses. 

Below are the best ways to pick a cleaning service software that saves your company costs and boosts productivity:  

1. Know Where You’re Lacking 

Cleaning service software is not a fancy tech tool. If anything, it’s an acquired asset that must give you the potential of a positive return on investment. 

How do you do that? 

You must understand what the software vendor brings to the table for your organization. To do this, document your business processes and see if the tool can handle them appropriately or leaves a lot on the table.

That way, you don’t go over your budget or the hassle of registering on a better platform if you need more features. 

Conversely, a field service software vendor should ask or tell your business model and its objectives. If you’re running an enterprise, it gives the vendor a more accurate assessment of your ROI. They should also explain how their system can work for your business. 

2. Access Integration Capabilities

The goal is to digitize your entire operation for optimum efficiency.

And cleaning software that synchronizes with other business management tools you use is crucial for this achievement. 

Check if it’s compatible with your current apps and those you intend to incorporate as you grow. For example, some popular integration cleaning business software should offer Zapier, QuickBooks, and Google Apps. 

3. Go For Cloud 

You can indeed install field service software on your premises. But that can be a cost-intensive project to install and maintain, depending on your company’s size. Plus, it’s old-fashioned.  

Cloud-based (data stored in a remote server) cleaning software are generally less expensive and require little to no maintenance. 

It’s like using a Gmail account. You can run your company’s entire operation, from scheduling to accounting, through your PC or smartphone. And never have to worry about losing your data to corrupt hard disks or even a fire. 

4. Administrative Tools

Do you want a tool that runs your entire operation or only a few parts? 

There are a bunch of holistic and specialty field service software to choose from. We selected the best from both worlds. You’d find company-wide solutions that handle everything from scheduling and invoicing to tax management. And specialty ones like NiceJob are the king of review requests. 

Cleaning Service Software Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Cleaning Service Software?

Cleaning service software is any tool that helps you run processes in your cleaning business more efficiently. They help you automate tasks and keep vital records to improve productivity and scale your company. 

What Is The Best Cleaning Service Software? 

The best cleaning service tool is Fieldd. It’s designed to manage any field service provider’s front-end and back-end operations without hiring extra hands to grow revenue.

How Much Does Cleaning Services Software Cost? 

The price of cleaning service software depends on your business’s size (number of employees) and the features you need. But you’ll pay between $30-$400, so adjust your budget according to your requirements. 

Competitive software apps offer up to 15% discounts when you subscribe yearly. That’s hundreds of dollars in savings, plus your expected ROI for the yearly subscription. 

Final Thoughts

Cleaning business software isn’t a magic wand that will transform your business from 1-2 cleaners to an enterprise of 20-50 employees in a few months. 

It’s a process of consistency, and good service delivery, of course. But it starts with choosing a field service software that serves your business the right way.

Select a service system that matches your present business size or planned expansion. And be sure it’s capable of handling tasks you actively use to cut down costs. Don’t hesitate to splurge if you forecast your business needs the bells and whistles within a quarter or two.

Fieldd cleaning service software accommodates small teams but also has room for fast-scaling cleaning businesses. And it’s one of the more affordable premium field service management programs.

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